Research Technician (Manufacturing: Upstream Processing)

Nov. 2022

Details of the role
Be involved in research activities related to biological product development, manufacturing, and quality control, including microalgae culturing, biopharmaceutical production, process control and optimization, standardization studies (batch-to-batch variation, batch release), design and implementation of quality control system. Day-to-day management of the production facility. Search and analyze scientific publications to design processes and choose relevant methodology. Perform data processing and analysis, prepare presentations of experimental results. Be part of a team of highly motivated and dynamic people and intellectually highly challenged scientists.
About the roles

You will be part of a rapidly growing team of scientists and engineers led by seasoned professionals in the life science sector. We work with an international network of academic groups, biotechs and pharmas, but the core of our activities happens in the Paris region and in the Nantes region. You will be directly reporting to Dr. Lila Drittanti - COO and Founder, biologist with 25+ years’ experience in leading biotech operations (early product development, technology platforms, regulatory).

About the company

AGS Therapeutics (AGS Tx) is an innovative biopharmaceutical company based in Paris. We develop next generation therapeutics and vaccines (based on mRNA, siRNA, DNA, proteins, small molecules) delivered by extracellular vesicles from microalgae (MEVs). With a strong IP position and an experienced and dedicated team onboard, AGS Tx works on proprietary technology platforms including microalgae cell engineering, biomolecule design, biopharmaceutical product development in vitro and in vivo, MEVs manufacturing at lab and pre-industrial scale, MEVs bio-analytics and characterization. We are seeking motivated professionals with experience in life sciences, engineering, and biotechnology to join the team and help us build and lead a novel, green generation of biopharmaceuticals.

What you should have

■ M.Sc. degree in biology, biochemistry, biotechnology, or related field

■ 3+ years of laboratory experience in academic and/or industry environment

■ Expertise in the field of science/technology relevant to the details of your role

■ Hands-on experience with the relevant laboratory methods and research techniques

■ Highly motivated, detail-oriented and organized

■ Excellent verbal and written communication skills in French and English

It'd be great if you also had these

■ Familiar with the area of extracellular vesicles

■ Previous experience in a start-up environment

■ Previous experience as a lab manager will be a significant plus

We offer

■ Competitive pay, depending on the scientific and technical expertise of the candidate

■ Full coverage of health insurance plan and care benefits

■ Highly motivating and creative working environment

■ Challenging research and development projects

■ Stimulating space for those who want to go beyond the expected and take risks

■ You will build your future

■ Team-work - we will get there together

■ An opportunity to make your mark at a growing start-up

Why work with us

At AGS Tx, we strongly believe our science and technology can make a difference for patients worldwide. Gene and drug therapies of tomorrow will need delivery platforms that can drive them to their therapeutic targets safely and effectively. Therefore, we aim to explore the potential of our technology, staying focused on the R&D challenges that we face. You will have an opportunity to be a part of a successful biotech start-up, build on your skills and learn from your colleagues - but also enjoy our friendly and creative atmosphere. If you are looking for an inspiring, ambitious, and fast-moving work environment - please apply!


If you wish to apply, please write to:  

Lila Drittanti  - E :

We will respond to all candidates but reserve the right to invite only selected for an interview (on-line and/or on-site). Please note that the selected candidates will be evaluated in a several-step process that may take a few weeks.