« AGS Therapeutics Announces Move to Spartners, the already Prestigious Accelerator within the Paris-Saclay Life Sciences Hub », Paris, FR, May 30, 2023.

AGS Therapeutics Announces Move to Spartners, the already Prestigious Accelerator within the Paris-Saclay Life Sciences Hub.

PARIS, FRANCE (May 30,2023) – AGS, a preclinical-stage biotech company pioneering microalgae extracellular vesicles (MEV) as a novel universal delivery system for innovative therapeutics, today announced its moving into Spartners, a unique world-class accelerator resulting from a ground-breaking collaborative platform between Servier and BioLabs to support the development of promising biotech companies.

AGS is the first companyto move into Spartners, following a rigorous selection process involving a committee of representatives from BioLabs, a highly-renowned international incubator network in the US, Europe, and Japan; and Servier, a leading global pharmaceutical company, operating the Research and Development Institute that hosts Spartners; as well as BPIFrance, a public investment bank; France Biotech, the French biotech trade organisation; the SATT Network, a group of thirteen technology transfer acceleration companies; and Medicen, a network of health innovation organisations.

“The selection of AGS underscores our strong potential and the shared high expectations for our future contributions to the field of life sciences,” said AGS CEO Manuel Vega. “Being part of the Biolabs community, together with the strategic guidance and collaborative opportunities offered by Spartners, will undoubtedly boost the development of our drug development technology platform.”

Dr. Vega added, “AGS foresees moving specific operations to the US in the short term, and the network of Biolabs’ sites will certainly facilitate such a move.”

As part of Biolabs’ exclusive community, AGS gains access to new fully equipped laboratories and comprehensive support systems. In addition, AGS will have the opportunity to access Servier’s advanced technological platforms onsite, enabling the company to focus on developing its universal delivery systems and burgeoning R&D pipeline.

"This move marks a significant milestone for AGS Therapeutics and underscores our commitment to driving innovation in the life sciences sector," says AGS COO Lila Drittanti. "Our research and development capabilities will be significantly enhanced by the use of state-of-the-art facilities and equipment, including containment L2 laboratories. We are confident this partnership will expedite our path to wards bringing transformative solutions for new therapeutic modalities into the clinic."

AGS is developing complementary technology and manufacturing platforms to support its internal and partnered product pipelines. The technology platform, which will operate from Spartners, is focused on the development of MEV-based technologies and products, including exo-loading, endo-loading, identification, and validation of candidate payloads. The manufacturing platform, or AGS-M, is a fully owned CDMO currently located in Saint-Nazaire, France, and focused on process development and on the manufacturing of MEV batches.




AGS Therapeutics, based in Paris, France, is a biotech company pioneering the development of biomedicines based on extracellular vesicles from microalgae (MEV) that havebeen shown to be a safe, targeted and highly versatile delivery system for innovative biologics, such as mRNA, siRNA, DNA, plasmids, and proteins for abroad range of human diseases. AGS-M, the company's subsidiary and a contract development and manufacturing organisation, will produce the MEVs needed to support preclinical and clinical development of MEV-based product pipelines from AGS and from pharmaceutical companies partnering with AGS. AGS' MEVs are derived from Chlorella, a two-billion-year-old single-cell algae, classified as GRAS, and used for decades as a food supplement. AGS' MEVs are easy to manufacture in large quantities with simple cell culture techniques that are both eco-friendly and easily scalable. Through strategic partnerships and a commitment to scientific excellence, the company aims to challenge the drug delivery landscape and improve the lives of patients across the globe. For more information visit www.ags-tx.com and www.ags-m.com.

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